Helping NFT communities align capital and incentives around a shared mission

The Team

Founder and CEO
Web3 Full-stack Developer
Web3 Front-end Developer

What We're Building

Cross-Protocol Utility

Simultaneously borrow against, rent out, license, collectively own and trade NFTs together with their assets, licenses, revenue streams and configurable debt

Community-Owned Liquidity

Liquidity is provided by the NFT creator and/or DAO, such that by using their NFTs the community generates revenue for the project and mission they support

Web3 Tokenized Accounts

A new primitive unlocking NFT rights delegation, cross-protocol utility, NFT-owned assets, debts and revenue streams

We partner with mission-driven NFT creators and public goods funds to build the open, regenerative future we want to live in

Artizen, Code Green, MeebitsDAO

Are you an NFT creator?

Provide utility for your community while generating revenue to support your project and mission. Onboarding is easy. Give us a shout and we'll walk you through the process.